Bigla-KATUSHA launches 2020 Team Kit

Bigla-KATUSHA launches 2020 Team Kit

Bigla-KATUSHA launches 2020 Team Kit

After years of partnership in the men's World Tour, Katusha Sports has brought their expertise in technology paired with design and style to the Bigla-KATUSHA women's team.

The 2020 race kit is fully bespoke for each rider, with every item being made to measure, for a perfect fit, to meet each rider’s individual needs. The design process paired the technological and performance needs with a stylish design that works seamlessly over the seasons to create a continuity from the past whilst updating some elements and working in cohesion with all of the team partners.

Alexis Schoeb, CEO of KATUSHA conveyed his satisfaction with the process and the end result: “Working with an open brief we were able to design a truly stand out kit, different and unique in the peloton. To be able to bring our technology driven methodology in, and balance it with a bespoke design has been a great experience. I love this kit, I really do.”

The aqua blue colour is carried over from the 2019 season, now paired with a salmon pink and navy blue. Light patterning is reflected on the collar and back of the jersey, to add a premium touch. The CHAPTER2 bikes, Tacx water bottles and Endura helmets all play on this colour scheme as well to create a strong solidarity.

In late 2019 the team riders visited the Katusha Sports head office in Geneva, Switzerland, for the custom fitting process, with each item being made to measure for the season ahead.

Clara Koppenburg expressed her opinion about the Bigla-KATUSHA kit: “I am very excited to have KATUSHA as our kit partner, because they produce products of such high quality and also original design. My expectations of our new team kit were accordingly quite high, but they were exceeded when I saw the design and tried it on. I absolutely love our new kit. The colours and the small details, combined with the superior tech and quality is a perfect balance, and I can’t wait to wear this at the races and training all year long. I anticipate that every time I will put it on, I’ll fell such pride, excitement and power on the bike, which will motivate me to give everything in training and racing, and represent our team as well as possible.”

The pro riders from Bigla-KATUSHA will be the first in the world to use the new Katusha Sports women's winter range, as well as many of the new products that will be available over the coming months. The replica kit is available to the public via

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